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First INDICARE Workshop "Business Models for Mobile Music and DRM", September 30, 2004 (Berlin)

This workshop brought together high-level experts from industry, academia and policy to discuss the chances and challenges of the newly emerging mobile music market and the role of DRM solutions.

The detailed program and participation information can be found here. Following is the program at a glance:

Introduction (9.00-9.30)

  • "The current state of the mobile music market"
    Speaker: Nicole Dufft, Senior Analyst, Berlecon Research

Block I (9.30-11.00): Mobile music standards and DRM

  • "Empowering mobile content with DRM - players & tactics"
    Speaker: Gilles Babinet, CEO Musiwave; Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) Board Member
  • "Mobile DRM"
    Speaker: Niels Rump, Senior Consultant, rightscom
  • "Proprietary DRM solutions"
    Speaker: Michael Bornhäusser, CEO, SDC AG

Block II (11.30-13.00): Content protection beyond technology

  • "Legal measures to protect copyright in the mobile world"
    Speaker: Dr. Martin Schaefer, Attorney and Partner, Böhmert & Böhmert
  • "Competing with illegal music offerings"
    Invited: Microsoft
  • "Consumer acceptance as a key to success"
    Speaker: Machiel van der Velde, Policy Officer, Consumenten-bond, Dutch Consumer’s Organization

Lunch (13.00-14.00)

Block III (14.00-15.30): Mobile operator strategies

  • "Case Study O2"
    Speaker: Michaela Schenkel, O2 Germany
  • "Case Study Orange"
    Speaker: Gerard Grech, Head of Music, Orange World UK
  • "Case Study Vodafone"
    Speaker: Sascha Lazimbat, Head of Music & Video, Vodafone D2 GmbH

Block IV (16.00-17.30): Chances and challenges for the music industry

  • "Mobile superdistribution - the need for open standards"
    Speaker: Dr. Willms Buhse, Head of Product and Marketing, CoreMedia, Vice Chair, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)
  • "Case Study: Sony"
    Speaker: Tina Rodriguez, Director eMedia & New Technology GSA, Sony Music
  • "Chances for independent labels"
    Speaker: Michael Pohl, Head of New Media, Kontor Records GmbH

Conclusion (17.30-18.00)

  • "The future outlook for mobile music"
    Speaker: Dr. Thorsten Wichmann, Managing Director, Berlecon Research

Dinner Reception (18.30)