In order to stimulate the Informed Dialogue, INDICARE partners are organising five workshops during the project’s lifetime. These events aim to deal with topics, which have to our understanding not been discussed sufficiently in public: Business Models and Rights Management; e-Payments for Digital Content; Consumer Perspectives on DRM; Social Exclusion by DRM; and Human Factors of DRMs. On September 30, 2004, the first workshop was held in Berlin, Germany.

The first workshop titled “Business Models for Mobile Music and DRM” targeted the field of mobile music. Many of the problems providers face today are already known from previous experience in music distribution on the Internet, but new technologies also raise new problems which have to be solved to successfully exploit opportunities in an expanded market. The topics discussed at the Workshop included:
  • The current state of the mobile music market
  • Technological developments
  • Legal issues
  • Business models / case studies
  • Consumer acceptance and consumer concerns
  • Future trends

The first workshop of the project showed that there is considerable demand of stakeholders – positioned differently in the value chain and with different opinions about DRM – to come together and discuss current problems, trends and strategies. The workshop report informs about the presentations, opinions brought up during the panels, and lessons learnt. The full Workshop report is now available:

  • Kristóf Kerényi (ed.): Business Models for Mobile Music and DRM, Report of the 1st INDICARE Workshop, Budapest November 2004: download (PDF, 669 KB)