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Welcome to the website of the INDICARE project!
The research and dialogue project INDICARE focused on consumer issues of Digital Rights Management (DRM). The acronym INDICARE stands for Informed Dialogue about Consumer Acceptability of DRM Solutions in Europe.

The project finished in February 2006.
This website archives all project publications.

Project News

Consumer Guides on Digital Rights Management published

Announcement Nov. 2006: INDICARE has published its Consumer's Guide to Digital Rights Management in 10 European languages. The aim of the Consumer's Guide is to provide concise, neutral and comprehensible information about what Digital Rights Management is and why it matters to consumers. The Guide tells how to recognise if DRM is applied and informs about its potential effects when using digital content. The Guide also explains the current legal situation and what the legal standing of consumers is today. Its ambition is to respond to questions and concerns consumers facing DRM actually have.

New publications by INDICARE team members

Although the INDICARE project formally ended, members of the INDICARE team are still working on INDICARE topics:

Study on Recasting Copyright published by the European Commission

AnnouncementHugenholtz, Bernt, Mireille van Eechoud, Stef van Gompel, Lucie Guibault, Natali Helberger, Mara Rossini, Lennert Steijger, Nicole Dufft and Philipp Bohn (2006): The Recasting of Copyright and Related Rights for the Knowledge Economy. Final Report, European Commission DG Internal Market Study, Contract No. ETD/2005/IM/D1/95, Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam, Institute for Information Law (IViR). [Download available at European Commission's website]

Within the report: Böhle, Knud and Carsten Orwat: Consumer awareness and acceptance of copyright (Chapter 6), pp. 197-209

Special Issue on DRM in German language released

AnnouncementA special issue of the journal "Technikfolgenabschätzung - Theorie und Praxis" (Vol. 15, No. 2, Aug 2006, edited by Knud Böhle and Carsten Orwat) is dedicated to Digital Rights Management (unless otherwise indicated, the articles are in German language):

[Download of special issues available at ITAS Website]